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Robert Schlie

Portrait and landscape photographer located in El Dorado Hills, CA

Hi, my name is Bob, welcome to my website! They say the “about me” page is one of the most visited pages of a photographer’s website. So hopefully you’ll find this informative.

I’m not a full time photographer. I’m a certified public accountant and currently manage the communications section of a large California agency. I spend each day working with a team of very talented writers, photographers, videographers, graphic artists, and other communication specialists. I’m fortunate to get to work with very talented and creative people every day.

Since I don’t rely on my photography business to support my family, I’m able to limit the number of clients from whom I accept work. As a result, I’m able spend time getting to know each client, scouting out locations for each photo shoot, and spending time after the photography engagement to individually post process each image. This leads to higher quality images tailored to my client’s specific needs.

I’m primarily a portrait photographer and do most of my work on location. These portrait sessions typically occur outdoors at one of the many scenic locations in the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills. I use industry leading Profoto strobes to creatively light and create vibrant outdoor portraits. I also have a small home studio when formal portraits and headshots are needed.

My approach to portrait photography works best for folks who are not rushed and like to be involved in the creative process. I like to take my time to create unique photographs. Instead of quickly shooting hundreds of images and hoping for a few good ones, I prefer to take my time staging and lighting my subjects. It may take longer but the results are superior. I also love working with clients who bring their own ideas to the session. I think the best photos are created in a collaborative process between the photographer and client.

I also cover a number of local sporting events and provide event photography on a limited basis.

In my free time, I use my love of photography as a catalyst to travel. My landscape photos have appeared in several publications including USA Today and the Huffington Post and are regularly purchased for use by businesses large and small. You can find some of these photos on my blog and for sale as fine art on my website.

If you're interested in retaining my services, purchasing some prints, or just learning more about the process, feel free to contact me at:

Phone: 916.467.2842
Email: bob@schliephotography.com

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